A Creative’s Nightmare

I think it’s happened to most of us at some point or another and it always crops up at the least convenient of times.

Writers call it writers block, artists; creative block but us crocheters, well we call it ‘loosing our crojo’ our crochet mojo of you will. Much to my dismay this is exactly what hit me recently. Everything I tried failed, I couldn’t think of anything new and exciting and even the usual works in progress were boring me. I just wasn’t getting any enjoyment for all the projects I attempted.

Therefore I set about finding a good pallet cleansing project that would hopefully kick start my inspiration and passion again. Now I wouldn’t call this a pallet cleanser as it ended up being neither quick or easy which are generally key points however it did make me determined to finish and helped me push through the block.

Enter stage left the latest cardigan for the tiny human.

All I can see are things I would like to change and tweak, which is common when I’ve created my own pattern. Thankfully the little lady was a big fan and put it on straight away.

I’ve used a beautiful yarn by Wendy called Fleur in the colourway Allium. It’s a DK weight yarn that is a mix of cotton, acrylic and Tencel giving it a super soft slightly fluffy brushed texture.

It took a little over 1 ball for the whole cardigan and I’ve used a mixture of stitches including the star stitch to create lots of texture.

I got carried away with lots of little details on this one and it just never quite seemed to be finished, but this does mean we have a lovely ribbed edging, and a crab stitches collar.

I’ve written the pattern up for this sizing along with measurements for adjusting as you need and it will be available for free on the blog next week!

A different kind of journey

I’m going a little off topic for this blog post but I know lots of you have been curious and I’ve had so many messages of support and questions that I wanted to share a small part of our journey.

A lot of you already know that the tiny human of the house has epilepsy, she was diagnosed at around age 2 and we’ve spent the last 3 years between hospitals and consultants trying to get to a point where she is seizure free. Sadly we are not there yet which leads us to the latest part of our journey; at the weekend just gone we travelled back up to the hospital and had an EEG machine fitted onto Miss P’s head. All the little sensors were glued on securely and she has had to wear it day and night the whole weekend; with us back up on Monday for a slow and lengthy removal process.

The purpose of this EEG is to see whether Miss P is having seizures in her sleep that are waking her up. We had a special diary to fill in each time she woke up (I’m not sure how much sense it made in our sleep deprived state of the early hours!) and a button to press on the recorder to log the specific time she awoke.

All of this plus the continued brain wave recordings have been passed to the special doctor at the hospital who will decode and evaluate the results. In a few weeks time we should then know what the results show and if the Epilepsy is having any effect at night.

In addition to the above the tiny human will also be starting a diet called the Ketogenic diet. It’s extremely low carb and forces your body to get energy from fat reserves instead of from the energy created by eating carbs (fear not she has a lot of high fat foods to keep those reserves up as we are not trying to get her to loose weight).

Your brain processes energy from ketones differently and it is this change in process that us and the doctors are hoping will help reduce her seizure activity.

I may have said a very sad goodbye to the wonders that are bread and pasta but we are going to have as much fun as a person can spiralising all sorts of vegetables instead 😉

So there we have it, a small update on what’s been going on. I hope I’ve not completely bored you all and I promise the usually yarny goodness will return soon.

A round up of 2017

Phew, its been one hell of a year at Miss B’s HQ and admist all the chaos and making and life in general I tend to loose sight of how far I have come or what I have achieved.
Therefore I’ve decided to take a minute to reflect on all thats happened and put together a little summary of what 2017 has given us…

  • 246 orders have gone out the door this year with 145 of them being for pom-poms alone
  • 318 individual pom-poms have been made and shipped!
  • 16 unicorn hoods in varying sizes and colours have been made
  • 9539 views on Etsy (this is a 108% increase on last year!!)
  • My first appearance in a magazine for the lovely pastel summer dress
  • 1 blanket designed for Love Crochet
  • 1 arm knitted blanket marking my first ever knitted make
  • 11 new products released
  • 15 new patterns released
  • 3 successful attempts at making clothing for older children and adults! (I cant wait to make more in 2018 now)
  • Started my first crochet classes

So there we have it. Those Pom-Pom’s almost killed me but I must be a glutton for punishment as I have plans to release even more colours in 2018 so keep those peepers peeled.

Crochet classes will be continuing and I will be looking into running one off workshops for particular products throughout the year. If there is something in particular you’ve always wanted to whip up or learn to make then drop me a message and let me know.

More patterns are in the works and I’m excited to share them all with you as soon as they are all finalised and written in a less scribbly haphazard way.

For now however I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in one way or another this year, I could not be more appreciative of it all, big or small it all helps keep me going. Even if its the man folk doing the dishes so I can finish off another order before bed 😉
I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and for tonight have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2018…

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