A Creative’s Nightmare

I think it’s happened to most of us at some point or another and it always crops up at the least convenient of times.

Writers call it writers block, artists; creative block but us crocheters, well we call it ‘loosing our crojo’ our crochet mojo of you will. Much to my dismay this is exactly what hit me recently. Everything I tried failed, I couldn’t think of anything new and exciting and even the usual works in progress were boring me. I just wasn’t getting any enjoyment for all the projects I attempted.

Therefore I set about finding a good pallet cleansing project that would hopefully kick start my inspiration and passion again. Now I wouldn’t call this a pallet cleanser as it ended up being neither quick or easy which are generally key points however it did make me determined to finish and helped me push through the block.

Enter stage left the latest cardigan for the tiny human.

All I can see are things I would like to change and tweak, which is common when I’ve created my own pattern. Thankfully the little lady was a big fan and put it on straight away.

I’ve used a beautiful yarn by Wendy called Fleur in the colourway Allium. It’s a DK weight yarn that is a mix of cotton, acrylic and Tencel giving it a super soft slightly fluffy brushed texture.

It took a little over 1 ball for the whole cardigan and I’ve used a mixture of stitches including the star stitch to create lots of texture.

I got carried away with lots of little details on this one and it just never quite seemed to be finished, but this does mean we have a lovely ribbed edging, and a crab stitches collar.

I’ve written the pattern up for this sizing along with measurements for adjusting as you need and it will be available for free on the blog next week!

Crochet Capped Cardigan

Oooo a little bit of alliteration to start our post off 😀

I’ve been working on this cardigan pattern on and off for a good few months. It started with my rainbow cardigan which I whipped up in 0-6 months and 6-12 months pretty quickly. Its been a firm favourite and sold well but sadly my little lady is no longer a baby so I wanted to scale it up.

I’ve then been working on sizes up to 6 years in a few varying styles one of which is this simple gold capped sleeve version

I kept it simple as its the last age range 5-6 years and will be perfect for the Tiny Human to wear on this years holiday with her new summer dress. 

I love the little capped sleeves as it can be used as a lightweight cardigan in summer to keep the evening chill off or layered up over a long sleeved top or baby grow to add warmth in winter. 

The pattern just needs a few finishing touches and then it will be available for both the rainbow design and a solid colour.

The only thing left to decide is – do I add a few flowers in blush pinks and creams or not?