A mammoth cake

August is a month of birthdays in this household. Mine is at the end but the man of the house has his at the beginning.
I've been so manically busy with crochet makes lately that it was quite nice to take a change of pace and focus on something else. In this case it was baking!

The man folk having a birthday could mean only one thing…. a homemade birthday cake. An Oreo chocolate drip cake to be precise.

I used the fab recipe by Jane's Patisserie but only did 2 layers rather than 3 as it would have made just too much cake for us (despite what the other half will tell you!).

It's far from perfect and I had a few nozzle issues resulting in less thin and delicate drips than I'd hoped but blooming eck did it taste oh so good!

The cake comes out really moist and the buttercream has Oreos crumbled in so it's truly decadent.

We will be celebrating properly this weekend as a family but in the meantime this cake was just the trick and a roaring success.

On a slightly separate note anyone planning on buying a snazzy star sparkler for their cake as seen in the pic, a little tip for you to avoid some serious anticlimactic waiting… pre flame the section you plan to light it from and stick to that part. It may have taken a good while to get this thing lit 😂

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