Puff Stitch Cowl

I brought 3 Caron cake as soon as they were available in the UK as I’d been desperate to give them a go for months only to finally receive them and have no clue what to make, so all 3 have sat on my shelf waiting for inspiration to strike since.

I knew without doubt that the rainbow sherbet cake I had needed to be used to make something for the little lady of the house as it was such fun bold kiddie colours. After browsing Pinterest for ideas hoping something might pop into my head I finally decided a scarf or cowl would be the best bet as I only had one cake to work with.

I wanted something with lots of texture to it and something fun so the puff stitch was called into action!

There is no subtle colour changes with Caron Cakes so you get nice bold thick stripes.

I worked back and forth in rows creating a zig zag effect with the puffs and it worked out to be the perfect length wrapping twice around for the tiny human and even fits me with one wrap πŸ˜‰

Puff stitches use quite a lot of yarn but they do make a really soft and squishy item that drapes and folds beautifully when worn.

The pattern is available here if you want to make your own but for now I am going to just sit and admire these fabulously bright colours!

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