Daisy Barefoot Sandals

I needed a little palette cleanser project. Something quick and simple to work up, that would leave me ready to hit my W.I.P’s pile with enthusiasm again. As we were heading off on holiday soon I figured the pefect make would be some barefoot Sandals I could wear round the pool and on the beach.

With two designs in my head I decided to give both a go. The first pair was these pink and orange burst ones. I really wanted a bright bold look and they definitely give that.

Adding the embellishments came after as I remembered I had some little penny charms and bells in my stash. They finish these off perfectly and make them look far more ‘shop brought’.

You can buy the pattern for these in my Etsy shop here.

The second set was these daisy ones. I love these and they look really cute on.

I kept these super simple letting the daisies do the talking.

I’ve popped the pattern for these below so you can whip a pair up ready for your own holiday/trip to the beach/garden lounging ๐Ÿ™‚


Drops Safran in ‘Off White’ and ‘Yellow’
2.5mm Hook
Tapestry Needle

ss – slip stitch
ch – Chain stitch
Sc – Single crochet
dc – Double crochet
st – stitch

I used US terms throughout

Flowers (Make 6) –
In gold – Start with a magic circle, sc10 into the mc. Pull tight and join to the first sc with a ss
In cream – join to any stitch.
*sc and dc in the same st, dc and sc in the next st, ss to the 3rd st* this creates your first petal, repeat 4 more times until you have 5 petals.
Join with a ss to the first st.

Ankle straps (make 2)
In cream –
ch25, join with a ss to the 1st st to make toe loop
ch150 then fasten off.
Join at 10th ch from toe loop & ch145. Fasten off, weave in ends and then sew on the flowers using the pictures as a guide but note that they should be on the outer side of the foot.

These are surprisingly comfortable and I know mine will get lots of wear this summer!

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