Crochet Capped Cardigan

Oooo a little bit of alliteration to start our post off πŸ˜€

I’ve been working on this cardigan pattern on and off for a good few months. It started with my rainbow cardigan which I whipped up in 0-6 months and 6-12 months pretty quickly. Its been a firm favourite and sold well but sadly my little lady is no longer a baby so I wanted to scale it up.

I’ve then been working on sizes up to 6 years in a few varying styles one of which is this simple gold capped sleeve version

I kept it simple as its the last age range 5-6 years and will be perfect for the Tiny Human to wear on this years holiday with her new summer dress. 

I love the little capped sleeves as it can be used as a lightweight cardigan in summer to keep the evening chill off or layered up over a long sleeved top or baby grow to add warmth in winter. 

The pattern just needs a few finishing touches and then it will be available for both the rainbow design and a solid colour.

The only thing left to decide is – do I add a few flowers in blush pinks and creams or not? 

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