Crochet Bow Clutch

I saw a beautiful mustard clutch on Pinterest while having a browse (aka wasting hours of time I should be spending doing housework and such like), it wasn’t crochet but leather, however I absolutely loved the style so I decided to give it a go at replicating the look with crochet.

I found a stash of some Women’s Institute DK yarn that I picked up from Hobby Craft ages ago but just hasn’t got around to using. It was only 1 ball of acrylic but incredibly soft and silky so I decided this was the perfect use. 

Being the impatient madam I am I jumped straight in and got going. Needless to say this left me waiting around for my zip to arrive in the post. It definitely had to be a nice bold contrasting zip that was added to give the clutch an extra pop and I am really liking the colour mint at the moment! The clutch body and bow work up incredibly quick and I love the ‘knit look’ the bag itself has. 

I ummed and aaaahed about adding a lining but as the stitches are so tight I didn’t bother, it would be super easy to pop one in if you wanted to though.

The pattern is up if you wanted to give it a go. Just click the picture below! (Oooh a little rhyme for you).

And feel free to share any pics of your makes…..

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